Who we are

Hannah Education

( Single Window Solution)

Hannah Education, under the brand name Hannah International, is a one of the leading education technology solution providers in India. Under the leadership of its founder along with his associates’ technocrats, social scientists and experts from IITs and institutions like IIMs, JNU, DU we aspire to offer a comprehensive education solution with profound, quantified impact. We work towards transforming the educational ecosystem by making quality education effective, efficient and economic across the country through our advance innovative approach. We offer range of solution from Virtual Reality (VR) lab, Smart Class room, ICT Lab, Astronomy Club, Tinkering Lab, Smart interactive board, Smart Management System, Robotics kits (Tweak) for primary and upper primary level children, Robotic lab for secondary and higher secondary, supply and installation of incinerator, Supply of Uniform & School bag, career Counselling, and Solar Solutions to the government and private schools and higher and other specialised educational institutions.

VR Lab – Virtual Reality

Modern technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Every day generates the need for new technologies so that we can coexist and integrate into contemporary life. Virtual reality (VR) is becoming imperative in some life areas, such as medicine, space, and education, for experiments and training. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the importance of using electronic devices for content delivery.

Who we are

Glimpse of Major Activities

A. School Education: Deal in Supply and commissioning of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, Smart classroom, Connected Classroom, ICT Lab, Astronomy Club, Tinkering Lab, Supply of Robotics Kits for Primary and Upper Primary, Robotics for Secondary and Sr. Secondary, Supply of School Uniform and bags, Provide career counselling, and Teachers Training

Robotic kit

Teaching Robotics to students in technology driven world boosts creativity and critical thinking skills through observation and experimentation. We converge on to build perseverance among students while experimenting to replicate theory into practical application, use of technology to solve problems pertaining to everyday life.



Supply of Uniform & School bag

Hannah International is here to provide all types of school uniform and school bags. We supply an extraordinary convertible school bag can be used for sitting as well as for writing purpose. This helps students to carry their belongings, irrespective of the weather conditions and also maintain their effective posture while reading and writing as students can use the inbuilt desk cum stool for sitting purpose when not in use for writing or reading.

ICT/ Smart Class room / VR Lab

Smart class room / VR Lab focuses as on revolutionizing the Teaching-Learning process in the schools / college/universities by setting up an integrated VR Lab Solution which provides the experiential learning environment especially in schools with an ingenious combination of technology and curriculum mapped experiential immersive content. Our VR lab devices are equipped with a curriculum.

B. Higher and Technical Education: Deal in installation and commissioning Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Smart Classroom for Medical and Engineering.