Who we are

Hannah Tech

Hannah Tech is providing complete solution, support, guidance and complete satisfaction to the client in the field of Civil and Structural Construction work. The range of projects for which Hannah Infra is committed for;

Hannah Tech is designed to take care of all management components, be it student, staff, or administration related. It allows you to escalate your operations, scale them as per the needs of your institute and augments the overall education system. Students get to focus on studying instead of running around tackling the administrative processes, while the staff and management focus on providing quality and relevant education to students, and increasing the institute’s ROI. A technology enables solution to all the stakeholders using technology for process innovation, and strive to provide the most relevant solution to every problem you have.
Hannah Tech also supply and commission Smart Intelligence Toilets. Besides, We are soon opening up in the field of telecommunication to reach the max volume of stakeholders across the globe.